Another fast sketch of simple shooter. All painted by my son. Idea - It's his idea.

Control with mouse: aim and shoot.  For now - that's all. 

+ New Weapons + Shop + Melee Fight

+ Some tricks + fix minor bugs.

Also, check our "fruityloops" experiment.

(win32 instalator) -

instalator (exp. 12.12.17)

Made withUnity
Tags2D, clicker, Endless, Shoot 'Em Up, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Also available on

Development log


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Great game, very addictive and love the graphics!!


Thank you! 

My son was drawing all the graphics. He is 7 years old.  Now remastering the game "Mysterious Town" on the Unity engine. Will be released within a few days. All graphics in this game also were drawn by my son.

WOW, he's got a great career ahead of him, such talent at a young age, awesome!!

Keep up the great work both of you ;-)


Thank you! We'll keep on going!

I can't play in browser (not enough memory for WebGL content). Please, you can made 32-bits build for Windows? Thanks.

Highscore board was added!

fixed buttons links

+ new weapons + shop + melee arts...   please, look for a bugs.

Hey! Looks like a nice game but I have to remove it from the Weekly Game Jam because it doesn't seem you made it for the jam. 

But you should join our community, we'd be glad to have you participate to future game jams and discuss on our discord ;)